Dishman CRAMS

  • Large dedicated R&D centre with multiple shift R&D operations (India)
  • Development services, kilo supply, cGMP pilot production, full scale cGMP manufacture (India, China)
  • 12 multi-purpose and dedicated production facilities for APIs, intermediates (India, China)
  • 1125 m³ dedicated API manufacturing capacity (India, China)
  • Broad range of technical skills and capabilities encompassing all routine chemistries and a wide variety of sophisticated modern technologies (India, China)



1 August 2018
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Opens Office in Kyoto, Japan

11 August 2016
Dishman Celebrates a Decade of Success Since Acquisition of CARBOGEN AMCIS

2 February 2016
Dishman Netherlands awarded for its Corporate Social Responsibility.

24 September 2015
Dishman has been awarded manufacture of SIRTURO® (bedaquiline) API