Intermediate Product List


Product Name CAS No API
3-(4-chlorophenyl glutaric acid) 35271-74-0 Baclofen
2’,6’-picolinoxylidide (2-Picolinoxylidide) 39627-98-0 Bupivacaine HCl
2’,6’-pipecolinoxylidide (2-Pipecolinoxylidide) 15883-20-2 Bupivacaine HCl
2’,6’-pipecolinoxylidide hydrochloride (2-Pipecolinoxylidide hydrochloride) 65797-42-4 Bupivacaine HCl
Benzamide, N-[2-[4-(aminosulfonyl) phenyl]ethyl]-5-chloro-2-methoxy (Glybin sulfonamide) 16673-34-0 Glibenclamide (Glyburide)
4-(2-aminoethyl)benzenesulfonamide 35303-76-5 Glipizide
2-n-Butyl-4-chloro-5-hydroxymethyl imidazole (BCMI) 79047-41-9 Losartan Potassium
1, 10 Dichloro Decane 2162-98-3 Octenidine HCl
4-Octyl Amino Pyridine 64690-19-3 Octenidine HCl
4-Methoxy 3,5-dimethyl 2-chloromethyl pyridine.HCl 86604-75-3 Omeprazole Sodium
4-Nitro 3,5-dimethyl 2-hydroxymethyl pyridine.HCl 143016-69-7 Omeprazole Sodium
5-Difluoromethoxy-2-[ 3,4-dimethoxy-2-pyridinylmethyl sulfonyl) -1H-benzimidazole 127780-16-9 Pantoprazole Sodium sesquihydrate
5-Difluoromethoxy-2-[(3,4-methoxy-2-pyridinylmethyl thio) -1H-benzimidazole 102625-64-9 Pantoprazole Sodium sesquihydrate
Pyridine 2-Aldoxime 873-69-8Pralidoxime Chloride
(S)-(+)-pipecolinoxylidide 27262-40-4 Ropivacaine Hydrochloride
(S)-(-)-1-propyl-2’,6’-pipecolinoxylidide 84057-95-4 Ropivacaine Hydrochloride
2,3:4,5-bis-O-(1-methylethylidene)-beta-D-fructopyranose (Diacetone fructose) 20880-92-6 Topiramate
4-Chloro-5-Sulfamoyl Salicylic Acid - Xipamide
4-Chloro salicylic acid 5106-98-9 Xipamide


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5 November 2018
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd. Announces a Successful FDA Inspection of its Site in Bavla, India

1 August 2018
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Opens Office in Kyoto, Japan

11 August 2016
Dishman Celebrates a Decade of Success Since Acquisition of CARBOGEN AMCIS