Phosphonium and other Quats Product List


Abbreviation Product Name CAS No
BTPPC Benzyl triphenyl phosphonium chloride Solid 1100-88-5
BuTPPB Butyl triphenyl phosphonium bromide Solid 1779-51-7
BuTPPC Butyl triphenyl phosphonium chloride Solid 13371-17-0
ETPPB Ethyl triphenyl phosphonium bromide Solid 1530-32-1
MOMTPPC Methoxy methyl triphenyl phosphonium chloride Solid 4009-98-7
MTPPB Methyl triphenyl phosphonium bromide Solid 1779-49-3


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11 August 2016
Dishman Celebrates a Decade of Success Since Acquisition of CARBOGEN AMCIS

2 February 2016
Dishman Netherlands awarded for its Corporate Social Responsibility.

24 September 2015
Dishman has been awarded manufacture of SIRTURO® (bedaquiline) API

9 February 2015
Successful FDA inspection at the Netherlands Dishman site