• Located in India, 30km from Ahmedabad
  • State of the art R&D centre
  • 64 fumehoods
  • 200 scientists focused on process development and industrialisation, working in continuous 3 shift, 6 day R&D operations
  • Multiple kilo lab and cGMP pilot plant facilities, each with reactors at 50L to 3000L scale
  • cGMP pilot plant with full R&D support infrastructure and multipurpose reactors up to 3000L scale. Integral part of R&D centre to ensure seamless process transfer from lab to plant
  • Full analytical capability
  • Manufacturing facilities
    • 800,000 m² site of which 300,000 m² currently developed
    • Validated cGMP facilities for pharmaceutical intermediate and API manufacture
    • >700 m³ reactor capacity, 250 reactors up to 16000L scale
    • FDA inspected 2006
    • Specialist reaction capabilities include high pressure autoclaves up to 9000L, dedicated hydrogenation to 5000L at 20 bar, dedicated ozonolysis to 3000L, 20kg/hr ozone, cryogenics to 2500L, asymmetric reactions, organometallics, carboxylation, halogenation, friedel crafts.
    • Jet milling, micronising, lyophilisation
    • On site waste water treatment and incineration facilities
    • Dedicated highly potent (including cytotoxic) API manufacturing facility. 4 segregated reactor trains.


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