Soft Gels for Vitamin D


Dishman, with an unrelenting focus on pursuing innovation in healthcare at its unit in Bavla, Gujarat, India has set up a state-of-the-art Soft Gels manufacturing facility spread over an area of 30000 sq. ft.

With the capacity to produce ~800 million capsules per annum, it is strengthened to cater to the global rise in the demands for Vitamin D related Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical formulations.

Leading with its benchmarks created in the CRAMs industry, Dishman offers a complete array of dedicated services under its contract manufacturing model, which shall now also be available for both, Nutraceuticals and Pharma grade Vitamin D formulations. Here, our flexibility and efficiency to satisfy turnkey custom formulations, helps us meet high volume demands as well as accommodate smaller requirements in a reliable manner while assuring highest quality.

Our end-to-end CRAMs capabilities includes all the services ranging from R&D, F&D, commercial manufacturing, private labelling to secure packaging of all Vitamin D related pharmaceutical and dietary supplements.


Not just its sheer capability to extend the shelf life of active ingredients made us venture forward with Vitamin D formulations in the form of Soft Gels, but also experiencing its benefits in:

  1. Convenience: In comparison to the hard-tablets it is easier to swallow them, and they readily undergo dissolution by gastric juices in the digestive system.
  2. Broad range: It can accommodate a wide variety of compounds filled in the semi-solid, liquid, gel or suspension medium. It is also available to consumers in elegant yet unique shapes, size and colors.
  3. Efficient properties: They are hermetically sealed to form a tamper resistant exterior and also to mask the odor and unpleasant taste of the ingredients inside. The seal acts as a barrier for active ingredients to be shielded from bacteria, yeast, mold and other environmental contamination.
  4. Dosage-form flexibility: It offers unparalleled accuracy through dosage uniformity and precision.
  5. Safety: It ensures product stability and security as there are sealed container that provide protection from light for photosensitive formulations and drug from oxidation, degradation and counterfeit.


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