In addition to four process research and development laboratories our state-of–the-art infrastructure includes manufacturing capabilities for small batch sizes of up to 10-15 kg. The specialised laboratories and kilo-scale manufacturing equipment are designed to operate safely at or below 1 μg/m³ OEL. This specification allows safe handling of highly-potent compounds of all categories including cytotoxics /cytostatics.

Our manufacturing equipment at intermediate scale of up to 630L currently operates at or below 100 μg/m³ OEL.

Our facilities and equipment include:

  • Laboratories designed to operate at or below 1 μg/m³ OEL: Air Cleanliness Class ISO 7 (Class 10,000) utilizing barrier isolation technology
    • 4 Reactors from 100 L to 250 L (hastelloy and glass-lined), temperature range from -100°C to +160°C, pressure up to 12 bar
    • Hastelloy filter drier in glove box (0.125m²)
  • Intermediate-scale production facility designed to operate at or below 100 μg/m3 OEL utilising “split-butterfly valve” and barrier isolation technology:
    • 3 Reactors from 250 L to 630 L, temperature range from -100°C to +160°C, pressure up to 25 bar
    • Hastelloy Filter Dryer (0.25 m²)

With the dedicated expansion in Bavla, India our large scale manufacturing capabilities allow a safe operation at or below 1 μg/m³ OEL on a scale up to 1600L producing batches in the 200kg range.

  • Large-scale production facility designed to operate at or below 1 μg/m³ OEL utilising barrier isolation technology.
  • 4 segregated high potency handling cells of which 2 initially will be equipped
  • Each cell containing 3 reactors from 630 L to 1600 L and a Hastelloy Filter Dryer (1.0 m²)
  • Charging and discharging of reactors and stirred filters via isolators
  • Expansion possibilities up to 6300L
  • Particle size reduction capability
  • Lyophilization capability


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