Our highly-potent API services are located at two different sites: for process research and development up to medium scale production for clinical trials and market supply Bubendorf in Switzerland is the site of choice. Scaling up to larger scale for market supply your project will be handled in reactors up to 1600L out of Bavla, India under the well-established CARBOGEN AMCIS management system (starting operations in by end 2009).

Bubendorf, Switzerland
The Bubendorf facility was opened in 1987 and has seen a number of additions in its more than 20-year history. The manufacturing building was commissioned in 1996 and the lab, administration and containment facilities were opened in 2005. The containment facilities are equipped to provide services for process research and development, as well as the supply of clinical trial and commercial material. With its extensive dedicated purification capabilities and the production equipment for your non highly active intermediates, the Bubendorf site provides the full support for your highly active API projects for both clinical and commercial supply.

Bavla, India
This high-potency facility is currently under construction and is expected to be operational by end 2009. The Bavla facility will complement the Bubendorf high potency facility and will enable customers to work with CARBOGEN AMCIS from early-stage route development to market supply without volume limitations. The venture will enhance our existing operations with one of the largest, most extensive and flexible custom-manufacture high-potency facilities in the world. The new facility will cater for both cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic highly active substances in dedicated areas.

Site specifications include:

  • Bavla site will operate as CARBOGEN AMCIS category 3 (OEL <100 µg/m³) and category 4 (OEL <1 µg/m³) facilities
  • Stand alone facility with dedicated utilities
  • 4300 m² of operational floor space
  • Designed to hold 4 segregated calls each with 3 reactors from 630L to 1600L (glass-lined and hastelloy) and contained filter dryers
  • Expansion option for cell with reactors up to 6300L
  • Contained development and analytical/quality control labs


Veenendaal, Netherlands
Dishman Vitamins and Chemicals offer development and manufacture of highly potent compounds based on Vitamin D analogues