Manufacturing Services

The Dishman CRAMS business offers an unparalleled range of facilities dedicated to contract manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates for pharmaceutical customers.

We have, collectively, ten manufacturing plants in India (Bavla) and China (Shanghai) that underpin an offer of secure, economic commercial supply.

Our skills and capabilities encompass all routine chemistries and a wide range of sophisticated modern technologies delivering an ability to handle most synthetic chemistries.

The Bavla site, which is FDA inspected, has 5 API manufacturing plants comprising 66 reactors, collectively 280 cubic metres of capacity. All plants are multi-purpose and are capable of multi-stage syntheses and complex API manufacture. Each plant has dedicated and segregated finishing and materials handling capabilities. In addition, the site has a further four manufacturing plants for cGMP intermediates, comprising a further 115 reactors, collectively 370 cubic metres of capacity.

The Bavla site is also home to the new large scale HiPo manufacturing facility.


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A cGMP manufacturing plant, Bavla, India Manufacturing commercial scale equipment, Bavla, India Tank/pump in pharma area, Bavla, India A cGMP production, Naroda, India