Kilo and Pilot Scale Services

Dishman has four segregated, purpose built cGMP pilot plants, with multi-purpose reactors ranging from 50 litre to 3000 litre. These flexible pilot plants are used in scale-up and production of complex intermediates and APIs from kilo to several hundred kilo scale.

All pilot plants are equipped with cryogenic, high temperature and high vacuum capabilities, and offer a broad range of isolation equipment. The plants all offer physical segregation and containment for processing and isolation of final active pharmaceutical ingredient. The pilot plants are operated by highly skilled chemists, who are also responsible for technology transfer from the R&D centres. Within Bavla, the kilo and pilot scale facilities are an integral part of the R&D centre to facilitate maximum interaction and ensure seamless process transfer from laboratory to plant.


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Kilo scale set-up Bavla, India Kilo scale set-up Bavla, India cGMP pilot plant, Bavla Pilot plant, R&D centre at Bavla, India


Kilo lab and Pilot plant equipment list.