Softgel CRAMs

Fortifying our strengths in the contract manufacturing services and as a stepping stone towards catering to the global requirements of the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industries, Dishman has now forayed into providing Softgel CRAMs services by setting up a world-class manufacturing facility.


Pilot Softgel Facility
Our Bavla unit, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is a recently established state-of-the-art, dedicated R&D pilot Softgel facility, which is spread in the area of over 5000 sq. ft. especially for the development of Soft gel formulations.

This pilot Softgel facility has a dedicated Air Handling System as well as other efficiently designed utilities, such as a constant supply of purified water and compressed air.

Moreover, with an output of more than 9 million capsules/month it provides as an apt outsourcing solution to the Nutraceutical, Dietary supplements and Pharmaceutical industries.

The facility has been granted permission by the FDA, Gujarat, India to continue its best work. Additionally, this facility is undergoing the necessary process for obtaining key accreditations and standard certificates, required to cater to the export market.

Commercial Softgel Facility
The commercial Softgel facility is spread over in more than 25,000 sq. ft. area, and will be equipped with 2 encapsulation machine lines having a capacity of 60 million capsules/month. Here, we will have the capabilities to produce all the different types of dosage fills and shapes of the capsules. The facility will also possesses an ‘In-line Drying Technology’ platform, along with a traditional capsules drying system with laminar air flow.

Apart from this, the commercial Softgel facility is also ready with a vision to expand by ensuring the right utilisation of its spare capacity in future and install an additional 2 lines for specifically dedicated products or category.


  • With 1 pilot Softgel facility and 2 dedicated encapsulation lines, we have established an in-house combined production capacity of 800 million softgel capsules a year.
  • The total built-up area of the facility is approximately 30,000 sq. ft.
  • The facility is controlled by Schneider Building Management System (BMS).


Dishman has largely indulged in developing sophisticated infrastructure which enables the production of various novel dosage formulations in soft gelatine capsules, such as:

  • Therapeutic
  • Nutraceutical
  • Enteric-coated
  • Cosmeceuticals


Quality Assurance
Dishman, in cooperation with its team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals and industry veterans in the Quality Assurance (QA) Department, ensures the fulfilment towards its commitment: Quality. While perpetually manufacturing quality products under the same, our in-house facility maintains a strong vigilance on each and every stage of production.

Quality Control
At Dishman, we have a completely automated and technologically advanced manufacturing facility that reduces the use of human resource, including material handling. Meanwhile, it also exceedingly decreases the possibilities of contamination through their physical contact.